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The Leading experts in Newcastle and the Hunter

ICU MOBILE can set you up with the best gadgets and phone accessories -. You will unfortunately become the envy of all your friends.

Our expert technical advice will make sure that using the cutting edge in technology will be no problem. We have a wide range of products for you. Our friendly staff offer you great service and knowledge about the right item for your phone/device.

For a vast range of styles, colours, designs and functions, visit ICU MOBILE today for the very best in telephone accessories. Friendly assistance is what you'll get from us and dedication to your satisfaction. Call us today to find out about everything we have to offer.

Our Products

Based in CHARLESTOWN -, ICU MOBILE can provide you with expert knowledge in mobile/smart phone REPAIRS & accessories.  To make sure your communication needs are met.

  • mobile/smart phone REPAIRS
  • mobile accessories
  • technical advice

At ICU MOBILE we will make sure you have the most reliable phone/device after repair.

About Us

At ICU MOBILE  -, we pride ourselves in being the most knowlegable repairers with our first repairs dating as far back as 1997 entering the retail market in Newcastle on 21st March 2003 and opening our Charlestown store in July 2003.

With over 17 years of experience backing us up, we understand that Mobile Phones have evolved past just being another tool, but have become a vital part of everyday life, whether it is to socialise, network or even run a business, with our repairs, we treat it as such. 

We also have moved past the mindset that has plagued modern society, that cheaper is better, and look at the device you bring in as it should be, your $800 asset, and repair the device with that mindset, having it leave our shop with the same value you received on original purchase, not allowing cheap inferior parts to dilute it. 


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